Pizza delivery man brutally attacked and hospitalized in Normand -

Pizza delivery man brutally attacked and hospitalized in Normandy

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

( – A pizza delivery driver was brutally attacked and hospitalized on the job, and police said the attackers were not trying to steal money from the driver.

The attacked occurred Tuesday near Woodstock and Bermuda in Normandy. The driver, in his 40s, is an employee at Papa John’s on West Florissant in north St. Louis County.

The employees said the driver is still in the hospital. Doctors are checking to see if he has a concussion and permanent eye damage.

“It shocks me because I’ve been over here for about three to four months, and it’s very quiet,” said a resident who lives near the location of the attack.

Police said the delivery man had just delivered a pizza to a house along Woodstock in Normandy.

“He was returning back to his home base restaurant and had heard a thumb. He didn’t know if he had hit anything, and he got out [of the car] to take a look at it. When he did, he was attacked,” said Sgt. Lou Porzelt of the Normandy Police.

The attack occurred outside of an apartment complex. The victim told co-workers at Papa John’s that a group of teens punched him, knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the face.

Police are checking surveillance cameras at the apartment complex. Police are unsure if this was a game or gang initiation. They stress this is not that norm.

“It had to be some kids, probably not from the area and spending summer over here,” said an apartment resident.

Two years ago, there was a series of attacks on pizza delivery drivers, and one was even killed.

The Papa John’s restaurant said this was the first time one of their drivers was attacked and hope it is the last.




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