Video showing 2 women being attacked in St. Louis goes viral -

Video showing 2 women being attacked in St. Louis goes viral

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( – A video showing two women being beaten by men in north St. Louis has prompted a police investigation.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows women being hit several times in front of a large crowd of people in the 3900 block of Palm.

“This is a glimpse into the subculture that we’ve allowed to fester into our neighborhoods,” said activist James Clark with Better Family Life of St. Louis.

Clark said criminal acts by teenagers are becoming more brazen. He added the problem is not limited to one neighborhood.

“This is everyone’s problem. No one is safe, everyone has a role to play,” Clark said.

Some debate whether such a video is a good idea, believing it gives the violent acts attention. However, Clark said it is important that everyone see the video so they can understand the larger problem.

“I want to see these videos strike a chord in our social consciousness to say ‘we have to get involved, we have to engage our neighborhoods,” Clark said.

Clark told News 4 he hopes the video will lead to arrests. Police said they are currently investigating.

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