Metro-East residents want city to pay for flood damage -

Metro-East residents want city to pay for flood damage

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( – Excess rain means flood waters for one Metro-East neighborhood, and upset residents blame city officials for the problem.

Residents of Fairview Heights, Ill. shared flooding stories and photos with members of the city works department and the mayor Wednesday night.

Cleater Wicks has lived in the Fox Creek community in Fairview Heights for over ten years. She said it floods nearly every time it rains. Residents want the city to fix the problem.

“The last time I stood downstairs and just cried. I had just purchased new floors downstairs. They’re ruined,” Wicks said.

Photos show that the water gets ankle deep or even more, both inside and outside her home.

Residents claim that since the city approved plans for the community, the financial burden should fall on them, not the homeowners.

Wednesday’s meeting did not yield any new solutions for the flooding problem. City officials said they will continue to review the problem. 

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