Firefighters concerned about firework dangers -

Firefighters concerned about firework dangers

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( – Fire officials are issuing a new warning when it comes to properly handling fireworks.

Chris Sander, who owns Powder Monkey Fireworks, said an increasing number of fireworks are coming from overseas. St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson told News 4 the quality of such fireworks is declining.

“Each year all these fireworks have gotten worse and worse,” Jenkerson said.

Jenkerson said he is seeing fireworks with shorter fuses and more duds.

“The problem with the duds is there’s a tendency to grab it and say “why didn’t it go off?’ That’s when it goes off. We are getting more of that,” Jenkerson said.

Sander said those buying fireworks should carefully check the packaging.

“Any items that don’t have warnings, they are not in their original packaging,” Sander said. “Most items have a barcode too so if it doesn’t have a barcode it’s not meant for retail, it should not be lit.”

Jenkerson also said an increasing number of young people are trying to make more powerful fireworks from store bought fireworks.

“Kids are taking them apart, going to the internet and putting them back together louder, bigger, and with more negative consequences. We are seeing more injuries as a result,” Jenkerson.

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