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Woman claims store in West County Center Mall racially profiled her

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A woman claims associates at a store in the West County Center Mall accused her of stealing because of the color of her skin.

“I would tell them it’s not assumption when the act takes place to be in someone’s shoes who has experienced something like this,” said Sierra Moore when asked what she would say to anyone who says she is assuming racial profiling. “You would never know unless you were in that position.”

According to Moore, security officers approached her while she was shopping in Victoria’s Secret saying they had been notified by the store that she might have items in her purse that didn’t belong to her. She allowed the officers to search her purse and was cleared of the suspicions. She says she was holding two shirts and put one back which she believes led the store employees to think she had put the other shirt in her bag. 

Moore also said the manager at the mall apologized for the experience, but defended her associates decision to contact security. Moore contacted Victoria’s Secret’s corporate office who said via a spokesperson that it is their expectation that every customer be treated respectfully and "regret in this case our expectations were not met." 

The corporation has since apologized to Moore about the incident. Below is their statement to News 4.

"It is our expectation and our commitment that every customer of every Victoria’s Secret store be treated respectfully.  Our associate training reflects that commitment.  We regret that in this case, our expectations were not met.  We have apologized to Ms. Moore for falling short and appreciate that she brought this matter to our attention so that we can take action to prevent future experiences like this in our stores."


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