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Police: Man in custody may have posed as officer while trying to lure girl into car

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – Police questioned a man who they say may have tried to lure a teenage girl into his car while claiming to be a police officer.

According to police, the 16-year-old girl was on her way to Carnahan High School when a man in a black Ford Mustang convertible pulled up next to her in the 4000 block of S. Broadway on Thursday morning.

Police said the suspect rolled down the window, told the girl he was a police officer and ordered her to get in the car. The victim refused and ran toward the school.

Once at the school, the teen told a resource officer what had happened. School officials then called authorities.

Police said they later saw a black Mustang matching the earlier vehicle’s description. The driver, described as a white male, was taken into custody for questioning.

The incident marks the ninth case of a teen or child being approached in the Metro St. Louis area within the past three months.

The National Crime Prevention Council offers the following tips for parents to protect their children:

- Know where your children are at all times. Make it a rule that your children must ask permission or check in with you before going anywhere. Give your children your work and cell phone numbers so they can reach you at all times.

- Point out safe places. Show your children safe places to play, safe roads and paths to take, and safe places to go if there’s trouble.
- Teach children to trust their instincts. Explain that if they ever feel scared or uncomfortable, they should get away as fast as they can and tell an adult. Tell them that sometimes adults they know may make them feel uncomfortable, and they should still get away as fast as possible and tell another adult what happened. Reassure children that you will help them when they need it.

- Teach your children to be assertive. Make sure they know that it’s okay to say no to an adult and to run away from adults in dangerous situations.

- Encourage your children to play with others. There’s safety in numbers!

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