Parents behave badly at Pee Wee Football game -

Parents behave badly at Pee Wee Football game

This is Pee Wee Football at its worst: Coaches and parents fighting on the field.

It happened in Burleson, Texas Saturday at a game between Joshua and Kennedale Pee Wee teams.

"You never think you are going to witness it first-hand," said Meagan Yates, the parent of a player. "It was total chaos."

The brawl began after two players got into a fight on the field. Coaches and parents — with and without credentials — ran into the field.

Yates told News 8 there was yelling and screaming. The mother is also the secretary of the Kennedale Youth Association. She's allowed to be on the field, and she tried to intervene.

"I got up in the middle, trying to tell them to stop," Yates said. "'This is not the place to do this... there are children here!'"

Yates said she was trying to tell parents who were not permitted on the field to leave, when one of them started swinging.

"I make eye contact with the guy, and then he clobbers me," Yates said. "He clobbered me good. It didn't black my eye or anything; it just bruised by jawbone right here."

Police said the assailant, the parent of a Joshua player, also tried to hit another Kennedale parent who is a federal agent. He was also trying to break up the brawl.

The suspect took off after the incident, but police later caught up with him. His name has not been released because Burleson police are still investigating the incident.

The man could face misdemeanor and felony assault charges.

Yates wants charges to be filed.

"There is no reason to act like that and not get charged with something," she said. "It's just crazy, and then a man putting his hand on a female? That's not right. The kids were crying. That's what disappointed me the most, that it happened in front of 9 and 10-year-olds."

The Joshua Pee Wee Football Association would not comment, but News 8 has learned that the organization is also looking into Saturday's incident.

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