Kids consignment sale forced out of location in Bridgeton -

Kids consignment sale forced out of location in Bridgeton

BRIDGETON, Mo ( -- Organizers of a popular kids consignment sale in St. Louis county were shocked when the city of Bridgeton told them they have to move locations the day before their event.  The city of Bridgeton passed an ordinance earlier this year that prohibits unlicensed business owners from making sales in banquet halls. 

However, the Machinists banquet hall in Bridgeton is exempt from this ordinance because of the way it is zoned.  The owners of Kids Closet Connection say it would’ve cost three times as much to hold their sale there.

“There seems like there’s an imbalance of who can do those events and who can’t,” especially to give you another option in the city and not just one,” said Kids Closet Connection Co-owner Marcia West.

The owner of Bridgeton Banquet Hall where Kids Closet Connection originally scheduled their event told News 4 he didn’t know about this new ordinance until today when the city told the consignment group it had to move.

The owners of Kids Closet Connection say they’ve asked the city of Bridgeton on multiple occasions if they needed a license to hold their event in the city, and they’ve always been told no.

The Machinists banquet hall was already booked, so the kids consignment sale is moving to the Lamplighter Banquet Hall located at 3800 Pershall Road  Ferguson, MO 63135.  The plan is to continue their sale as scheduled: Thursday 6-8 p.m., Friday 9 a.m.-8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.


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