Jets come to St. Louis with a lot of baggage -

Jets come to St. Louis with a lot of baggage

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- Mark Sanchez might have the thickest skin in the NFL considering the stage he plays on is New York and his backup so happens to be Tim Tebow.  It sounds like a recipe for destruction to a young quarterback.

It hasn’t been the stellar year that Jets fans were hoping to get from their quarterback, but Sanchez has continued to stand tall through the tabloids and rumors that swirl around him.

“You just kind of tune out the noise really,” Sanchez said.  “It doesn’t help us win. If you’re really concerned with winning, if you’re really concerned about respecting your teammates and being a good teammate, then you wouldn’t do that.”

“But, if it is a reporter saying something or assessing your play and you haven’t played well, well that’s a part of the game, too.   You have got to be a big boy and take responsibility for your play and the decisions you made in a game and if it is not good, you just own up to it and move on and try to get better.”

Anonymous players from the Jets have been recently quoted by the New York Daily News about their thoughts on Tebow.  The harsh comments are enough to destroy a locker room, but according to Sanchez and Rex Ryan that does not appear to be the case.

“I don’t give any credence to an anonymous source. I think that unless you put your name on it, then I am not going to read or recognize it, that’s for sure. We are a team that is open,” Ryan said.

The comments come at a time when Sanchez has been in his deepest slump.  The fourth-year quarterback, who has started every game but one in his career, has completed only 52 percent of his passes this season, a career low.

And now may not be the time for the Jets to start bickering with each other over their backup quarterback as they get set to prepare for a Rams team that can no longer be overlooked.  The Rams have won seven of its last eight games against the Jets, but were beaten in the last game played against each other in 2008.

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