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Wayne Hunter, a former Jet, looks to help Rams this week

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- Current Rams tackle Wayne Hunter was feeling the heat in late August as a member of the Jets, this week’s opponent.  At the same time, Jason Smith was getting the same vibe from the Rams.  It only made sense to swap the two players. 

That is exactly what happened a few days after Hunter was benched following a poor performance in a preseason game against the Panthers.  This Sunday, Hunter will be reunited with the team that gave up on him.

“Those guys are my friends,” Hunter said of the Jets.  “The coaches are my friends.  I have been in a real good family with the Jets organization, but this is the next chapter in my life and they are next opponent down the road.”

Despite being traded from the Jets after playing four seasons in New York, Hunter continues to keep tabs on his former team.

“I follow the Jets.  I still speak with a lot of the guys, D’Brickashaw (Ferguson) and those guys.  Like I said, they will always be my family and friends and I’m not going to bet against them as far as my heart is concerned, but as far as my mind and physical, we got a game this Sunday and they are another speed bump in the road.”

Hunter believes the Rams, which features five former Jets players, will prepare for this Sunday like it does for any other game against any other opponent.

“With (Darrelle) Revis out, I can’t really help these guys too much but I will help these guys,” Hunter said.  “I will tell them what I have learned throughout the training camp and what calls to expect or whatever just like we do with any other guys on any other team.  It’s no different with me this week.”

“But again, Revis is out so their whole defense changes so I don’t know.”

The Rams will play the Jets on Sunday on CBS at noon.

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