Residents call Colombo after tree begins ripping up sidewalk for second time -

Residents call Colombo after tree begins ripping up sidewalk for second time

ST. LOUIS ( -- A St. Louis family says the tree in front of their house is ripping up the sidewalk and putting neighbors at risk.

Nathan Cromwell says if something isn’t done about the tree in front of his house, someone is going to get hurt.

“We got people tripping over it, got people in wheel chairs can’t get over,” he said. “People try to go around it and can’t go around because the roots are too big.”

Indeed, the roots are enormous- so much so they scare Cromwell’s daughter.

“I think the cookie monster’s gonna come and get me some day,” she said.

The roots are splitting apart the curb, and lifting up the sidewalk; which is the second time in two years that tree has destroyed the walking surface.

In addition, Cromwell says the tree drops limbs on his roof and nearby cars.

But when he went to the city, the answer he got depended on what department he talked to.

“[The] street department came out - they said the tree needed to be cut down,” Cromwell said.  “The Forestry Department said they’re not going to cut it because it’s a living tree.”

News 4 took Cromwell’s concerns directly to Greg Hayes - the St. Louis Forestry Commissioner.

Hayes said he looked at the tree himself, and he wants to get the issue taken care of.

“The city is going to trim that pin-oak tree before Thanksgiving,” he said. What’s more, Hayes promised that if the sidewalk has to be torn out again, the city will reconsider the decision not to remove the tree.             

He also advises any St. Louis resident with a complaint like this to call the Citizens Service Bureau at 314-622-4800.


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