Great video: Turkey challenges cars in Metro East with Thanksgiv -

Great video: Turkey challenges cars in Metro East with Thanksgiving approaching

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

TROY, Ill. (KMOV) – With Thanksgiving right around the corner, a turkey in the Metro East earlier this month decided it had had enough of mankind and wanted to protest the holiday.

Beverly McGuire Isenberg said she and her husband were driving on Troy-O’Fallon Rd. on November 3 when they came across a wild turkey in the middle of the road getting aggressive with passing cars.

That’s when they decided to get the camera out to record the whole scene.

In the video, the turkey first approaches a white Jeep on the road. Not wanting to hit the animal, the driver of the Jeep stops as the turkey struts back in forth in front of the vehicle.

Eventually the Jeep starts to take off, and the turkey followed for a short distance before moving onto a blue van. Then a grey sedan. Then a red SUV.

All in all, six vehicles stopped for the bird, causing some drivers to swerve around the turkey to avoid striking it.

It all begs the question: Are turkeys starting to mount a revolt against mankind?

You can check out the video below:



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