Pizza places looking for ways to combat rash of robberies -

Pizza places looking for ways to combat rash of robberies

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS ( -- Pizza places are stepping up efforts to make sure after a rash of delivery-related crime culminated in last week’s death of a delivery driver in Dellwood. 

The owner of Elicia’s Pizza says he’s had three drivers robbed this year. The most recent last week when his driver approached a dark house with no one apparently home. Three men, all armed, were waiting for him when he hopped out of the car.

Now, if an order comes from an address or phone number that’s not in their system, drivers are instructed to never walk up to darkened home or building.

At Kim’s Pizzeria in south St. Louis, drivers never carry large amounts of cash. Delivery personnel are carrying $20-$30 at all times, and mostly small bills.

“That’s usually fives and ones, just so they can break anything,” said owner Kim McWeeney.

Some pizza places are asking the public for help; asking them to turn on porch lights. They also say expect a call to verify their order, and ask them to check on the drivers as they approach the home and get back into their cars.

While society is may be becoming increasingly cash-less, when it comes to pizza delivery most transactions are still in tens and twenties.

“I’d say 75 percent are cash,” said McWeeny. “I don’t accept checks at all.”

But the typical order is for $20 to $25 and drivers are instructed to put their receipts in a drop-box at the pizza place throughout the evening, which is why many of the robberies we’ve been reporting are often times for just $20 to $30.


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