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Florissant woman says roofer charged her $3,000 for unwanted work

FLORISSANT, Mo. (KMOV) – A Florissant woman is asking for help after she paid more than $3,000 for a $200 job she didn’t even request.

Sam Ferguson of Granite City seal-coated Rosemary Schneider’s driveway, then came back a few weeks later.

“He said ‘you know, you really have a problem with the roof, you want me to check that?’’ Rosemary recalled. “I said ‘no, not in this heat.’”

But Ferguson persisted, and Rosemary let him go up just to take a look.

About 20 minutes later he came down and presented her with a bill.

“When he said $3200, $3228, I couldn’t talk because I was scared. I didn’t know what this man was going to do.  I mean he could rob me, you could just as easily knock me on the head and take my checkbook.” Rosemary said.

Rosemary was with her disabled daughter.

“He said $3200, and when he said this I knew I was talking to a thief, ‘cause my daughter was there and I didn’t want her to be frightened,” Rosemary said.

So what exactly did Ferguson do on the roof?

“There’s $10 worth of plastic cement, plastic coating, nothing more, nothing more. That’s tragic,” said Jim Compton with the Better Business Bureau.

Compton, who has spent 35 years in the roofing business, inspected Rosemary’s roof after she called the BBB to complain.

News 4 tried contacting Ferguson in person three times, but there was no response.

He was finally reached by phone.

Ferguson has since promised the BBB to pay some of Rosemary’s money back.


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