Fight erupting over planned radio tower in St. Charles County -

Fight erupting over planned radio tower in St. Charles County

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV) – A fight is erupting over a planned radio tower in St. Charles County.

Larry Simmons lives just up the road from the county’s existing tower location in Augusta. He had no idea of plans for a much larger tower until he noticed surveyors staking out land across the street.

"You only find out about this by virtue of noticing county government vehicles and surveyors all over the nearby properties." said Simmons.

News 4 went to the county executive’s office to find out how it has the authority to pick a location with no input from the public.

"Back in December 2011 when they (County Council) approved contract with Motorola they also approved the County Executive to go out and acquire any land that would be necessary to build these sites," said Jennifer George with the county’s executive’s office.

St. Charles County Councilman Joe Brazil questions that authority, and the notion of a 500-foot tower- almost the height of the arch—in the middle of a pristine landscape that attracts thousands of people to wine country each year.

"It's gonna be huge, it's a four-legged tower like Eiffel Tower, is what it will look like. It will be hideous, it will be atrocious." Brazil said.

Many residents agree, but worry their government just does not care.

"The County Council just doesn't seem to understand that they're really hurting not only residents, but businesses," Simmons said. "Makes you wonder whose interest they're working for, they don't seem to be working for the good of the actual residents."



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