Boy abandoned a decade ago to meet firefighter who saved him -

Boy abandoned a decade ago to meet firefighter who saved him

ARLINGTON — On November 9, 2002, Arlington firefighter Wesley Keck happened to be the early riser at Fire Station No. 12.

"It was probably around freezing that morning, maybe a few degrees warmer," he recalled.

Keck remembers walking into the kitchen, cleaning up a bit, then throwing away some trash. As he looked out the window, he froze.

A baby carrier covered by a blanket was on the patio.

"I was worried what I was going to see when I pulled the blanket back," he said. But he did it anyway.

"I knelt to the ground, peeled it back, and he was laying in there, sound asleep."

Keck grabbed the carrier and ran inside. The other firefighters at the station began examining the child and so did paramedics.

"He looked peaceful," Keck said. "And he looked healthy."

"I don't remember him ever even crying," the firefighter said Monday as he examined a photo of the infant taken the day he was discovered.

"Somebody wanted him found. There was a diaper in his carrier with him, a bottle," Keck said. "We've talked about it a lot, many different times over the years, just wondering how he's doing."

On Thursday, he'll find out.

That baby, Koregan Quintanilla, is now a 10-year-old fourth grader living in Watauga. He is a brother to five sisters.

November 9 is Koregan's birthday, and all he wanted was to visit "his" fire station and meet "his" firefighters, as he calls them.

"I'm really excited and looking forward to meeting him, finally," Keck said."I felt good about the person that left him. They wanted a better life for him, and I hope somehow they see this and they know that with the family that adopted him, how much he's loved and wanted."


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