Fisher reacts to missed field goal in overtime -

Fisher reacts to missed field goal in overtime

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- So far in his career, Greg Zuerlein has shown that a 53-yard field goal is the same as a chip shot.  It definitely looked like that when the ball sailed through the uprights to give the Rams an overtime victory on Sund... oh, wait, there was a delay of game penalty?  Of course, there would be. 

It was just another sign of a young football team.

The Rams shot themselves in the foot on multiple occasions in the 24-24 tie to the 49ers on Sunday.  If it wasn’t a delay of game penalty then it seemed to be an illegal formation call that would doom the Rams’ chance to dispose of the top dog in the NFC West.

“We get everybody set.  The kicker lines up.  He steps it off.  He sets.  He nods his head and then he turns back and we flash hands and the ball comes,” Jeff Fisher said of the process during a field goal attempt.

Except this time the ball came a second too late despite the team having enough time to get the kick off.

“(Johnny Hekker) was focused on Greg (Zuerlein), so it is unfortunate. You know, you get out there because I called timeout I think on second down, and told them that the 49ers were out of timeouts, so they will not ice you,” Fisher said.  “So get out there, get set, kick it through those two poles because we’ve got a plane waiting on us.”

“That is exactly what I told them and I told them ahead of time that we are going to kick it on fourth down if we don’t convert on third, so just get ready and they were ready and they ran out there and then it slipped.”

The delay of game penalty would tack on an extra five yards to the field goal attempt.  Zuerlein missed right and kept that plane still waiting at the airport.

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