Statistics show limited crime incidents on Barnes-Jewish campus -

Statistics show limited crime incidents on Barnes-Jewish campus in past month

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A robbery outside a Metrolink station near Barnes-Jewish Hospital on Monday had some people wondering whether they were safe on campus.

According to police, the robbery happened at the Central West End Metrolink station in the 500 block of South Euclid Avenue on Monday afternoon. That’s located in the middle of the Barnes-Jewish Hospitali campus.

The victim, Harold Shropshire had just gotten off of an eight hour shift at Hardees.

Do you believe crime in St. Louis is getting better or worse? Share your thoughts.

Police said he was walking from the Metrolink Station to a bus stop when a green four-door sedan with three men inside pulled up near him.

According to police, a gunman in the passenger seat jumped out of the car and threatened to kill Shropshire if he did not turn over everything he had. Shropshire handed over $35, a cell phone and the work uniform he was carrying in a bag.

Police say the men then got back in their car and left.

Mike Lauer, the director of public safety at Barnes-Jewish, said crimes like Monday’s robbery are rare on the hospital's campus. A quick check of crime over the last 30 days backs that up.

According to crime statistics, prior to Monday, there was only one other assault on the hospital’s campus in the last month. There were also eight thefts and one simple assault.

“I think we view it as a crime of opportunity. It’s not regularly what’s happening on campus,” said Lauer.

Regular Metrolink riders agree.

“I live in the Central West End and catch the train here and haven’t had any problems,” said a rider named Phyllis.

Whether it’s the department of security for Barnes, Wash U or Children’s Hospital, there are three entities providing security on the hospital campus. Metro’s security and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are all working together.

Between the three, there are more than 200 working security on the hospital campus, which does not include the security for Metro.

Some are in cars, others on bicycles and on foot. And they also use some 450 security cameras to keep an eye on the area.


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