Savard: How to feel after Rams-49ers game? -

Savard: How to feel after Rams-49ers game?

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- So how are we supposed to feel about the Rams-49ers tie Sunday?

I’ll tell you how I felt after leaving the booth at Candlestick Park: encouraged AND sick to my stomach.

How do your feel about the Rams and 49ers playing to a tie? Share your thoughts.

The Rams had a Super Bowl contender on the ropes and failed to deliver the knock-out blow. They tied despite thoroughly outplaying a more talented team because of too many self-inflicted wounds. This team has to start finding ways to finish off teams.

But I am firmly convinced the Rams can and should be a playoff team in 2013. They are ascending and doing so with a roster that still needs reinforcements.

The Rams offense ran for 159 yards on a defense that only gives up 87 per game. They totaled 458 yards, which is almost 200 more than the 49ers surrender each game.

Sam Bradford’s QB rating was 104.1, the highest by an opposing QB in almost 20 games. Still, it was a tie.

And that’s not good enough when you dominate a football game.


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