Fourth lawsuit filed against Castlewood Treatment Center over im -

Fourth lawsuit filed against Castlewood Treatment Center over implanted memory

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) -- A fourth lawsuit has been filed against the Castlewood Treatment Center, a St. Louis County residential treatment program for women with eating disorders. The latest suit, filed last Friday, claims the center planted false memories of abuse in the former patient suing Castlewood.

The allegations made by the former patients include having fake memories that convinced them  that they were victims of satanic ritual abuse, that they witnessed murder, and even memories that they had eaten children. During their treatment at Castlewood, these former patients believed the memories were true. Now, they insist these memories are false.

In each case, the former patients say therapists at the center planted false memories that traumatized them and prompted them to stay longer in the facility, spending even more money for treatment. The fourth patient says as a result of her improper care at Castlewood, she spent $180,000 on treatment and care.

The first former patient to file a suit, Lisa Nasseff, alleged that Castlewood wanted to keep her at the facility because her insurance would pay for medical bills totaling $650,000.

The former patients’ attorney, Ken Vuylsteke, provided News 4 with copies of the four lawsuits.

You can view them by clicking the links below

Early this year, News 4 tried to interview Castlewood’s Clinical Co-Director Mark Schwartz about the allegations.

News 4 travelled to Dallas and found him preparing to talk about his treatment methods at a conference. But he refused to tell News 4 what he was going to share at the conference. In statements released earlier this year, Castlewood denied implanting false memories in the women and called the allegations bizarre.

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