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Feldman: Fisher teaches young Rams a valuable lesson

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(FootballStL) -- Once upon a time, Steve Spagnuolo called it the pillars; having good, quality people on board in addition to possessing football talent. 

He was fired.

Enter Jeff Fisher who, a couple months into the job, completely stomped on those pillars with his selection of troubled college cornerback Janoris Jenkins.  Jenkins was the second round pick out of North Alabama, by way of Florida, and had many run-ins with the authorities during his time in college. 

Fisher didn’t care.  He just wants talent.  As much talent as he can get.

Well, the downside of ignoring cases like that is, sometimes, they come back to bite you.  They do dumb things that make you shake your head.  On Sunday, not only was Jenkins a surprise member of the inactive list against the 49ers, but so was speedy wide receiver Chris Givens. 

It is unclear exactly what they did to deserve such a fate (the only thing the team would say is the duo violated team rules) but one thing is clear; Fisher has no problem at all teaching young kids a lesson. 

While Spagnuolo would simply ignore them and not even allow them on the football team - citing the pillars - Fisher is more than happy to take advantage of their talent.  But if (when) they step out of line, he can dish out some tough love.

This is a crucial time in the development of these rookies; particularly Janoris Jenkins.  Chris Givens, by all accounts, was a good kid at Wake Forest who never got into trouble.  So this could be viewed as an error in judgment that, hopefully, will not repeat itself.

Jenkins, on the other hand, has a history of making poor choices.  Most mature individuals make mistakes but proceed to learn from them (here’s hoping Givens falls under this category).  But Jenkins has not learned.  Not at all.  He hass made mistake after mistake after mistake.  It got him kicked out of Florida and banished to North-freaking-Alabama. 

When he was drafted by Jeff Fisher and the Rams, they gave him a clean slate.  They gave him a chance to show the world, and himself, he was past all of that.  Again, it is unclear exactly what he did, but he did something.  And he has now made his first mistake as a professional.

If he doesn’t learn from those mistakes, as was the case in college, it may not be as simple of transferring one day.  It could be a case of Janoris Jenkins needing to find a new profession. 


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