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Rams (almost) blow it in 4th quarter

SAN FRANCISCO (FootballStL) -- It took only six seconds for the 49ers to score ten points against the Rams.  I know what you are thinking, this could only happen to the Rams, right?

After kicking a field goal to make it 17-14 in favor of the Rams, the 49ers recovered a fumble on the following play, a kickoff return from Isiah Pead.  Frank Gore scored on a 20-yard rush and made it 21-17.  It took six seconds for all of that to occur.

How do your feel about the Rams and 49ers playing to a tie? Share your thoughts.

It is quite frustrating considering this is the kind of football that Rams fans have been subjected to for the better part of the past ten years.

The Rams were doomed until the team’s second fake punt of the game which resulted in a first down.  That’s Jeff Fisher football at its finest.

The fake punt conversion kept the Rams drive alive and resulted in a touchdown later which was scored on a two-yard catch by Austin Pettis.

The 49ers would march down the field with 1:09 left in the game to get a field goal to send the game into overtime.  Hey, at least it wasn’t a touchdown.

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