Coaching staff appears to have lost faith in Franklin's arm -

Coaching staff appears to have lost faith in Franklin's arm

(Missouri Football App) -- Since DGB scored an 80 yard TD agains UCF, the Tigers have 0 passing TDs and 10 interceptions. That's six weeks without a passing touchdown. We have a returning star in TJ Moe, a returning starter at QB, and the best recruit in the country in Green-Beckham, and we haven't gotten a pass into the end zone in six entire games.

Which James Franklin is the real James Franklin? Share your thoughts.

Watching Mizzou's play calling has been unimaginative and repetitive against Tennessee. It was a first half of swing passes and deep bombs. There were no crossing routes, no slants, no putting DGB up against a linebacker over the middle. 

This begs the question, does the coaching staff think Franklin can make those throws? Are technical throws too much for him at this point in the season? With the Tigers facing a fourth down situation to end the half, the coaching staff elected to have the punter throw rather than Franklin.

Sure it was a trick play, but with four yards to go for a first down, the coaches thought they had a better chance to get it running a fake punt rather than letting their quarterback execute the offense. 

This begs the question: if you don't think he can play effectively, why is he in the game? Obviously, Berkstresser isn't much better. Swapping one mediocre QB for another isn't much of a response, but you have to wonder how often Maty Mauk's name crosses Gary Pinkel's mind. 

I understand he doesn't want to burn the promising young QB's redshirt in a season that- at best- will result in a 6-6 record and a trip to Shreveport. But there is something to be said for making an effort to win. 

Fans and players alike are treated to the same game every single week. The offense is hapless, the defense plays as hard as they can, and we all hope for a special teams TD to give us a chance and keeping it close. Game after game, the offense trots out to waste three downs, then hopes Sheldon and the defense can shut down the opposition so Murphy has a shot at the return. 

It's clear that no one on offense believes they will score, and based on the fact the coaches are calling swing passes on 3rd and 15 on the fifty, they don't think so either. 

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I would at least like to see an attempt at solving the problem. Sure, hang on to Mauk's redshirt; but Pinkel has to stop pretending that this is going to get better on it's own. Maybe he knows that and doesn't care. That's the only explanation for trotting out the same marginal play at quarterback every week, and calling the same unsuccessful plays every snap. 

The fans- and the players- deserve more than experiencing the same uninspiring performance every game. 

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