Northwest Plaza to begin revamping this week -

Northwest Plaza to begin revamping this week

ST. ANN, Mo. ( -- Northwest Plaza was once a popular mall, but increasing crime had scared off many shoppers by the late 90's.

On Tuesday, the shopping center will be demolished, and over 80% of the mall will be rebuilt. The redevelopment is expected to cost $106 million.

A home improvement store, restaurants, outdoor shopping, an education center and an officer tower are all expected to be added. Security is also expected to be ramped up, with cameras and bike patrols in place to deter crime.

Raven Development is now the third company to try and help this mall prosper, but the county says it will not fail again. If the mall does not succeed, however, the government will not provide grants for future projects.

The groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Tuesday, November 13.

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