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Jackson, Gore meet again in NFC West matchup

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- For the past eight seasons, the NFC West has been home to two of the premier running backs and, with the clock ticking on their careers, it might be the beginning to the end of a great duel.

In one corner you have Steven Jackson, standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 240 pounds, squaring against the 5-foot-9, 217-pound Frank Gore.  It has been a battle that has been a treat for NFL fans since 2005 and while one 29-year-old running back is on the up-and-up, the other is seemingly on his way down.

It has been a struggle this season for Jackson who is averaging a career-low 3.7 yards per game.  Gore, on the other hand, has been averaging a career-best 5.5 yards per carry this season. 

The workloads for both running backs have been trimmed in favor of younger backs, but it is Gore and the 49ers who are set to reach the playoffs.  Jackson is just focusing on getting a win over his counterpart on Sunday.

“Frank and I have a great deal of respect for one another,” Jackson said.  “We have both seen some lean years and I’m really happy for him that he is able to be on such a good team, but this Sunday, hopefully, we get the victory and I come out on top in rushing yards.”

Since being drafted by the Rams in 2004, Jackson has only been victorious five times in 16 games against the 49ers.

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