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Cedar Hill crime spree has business owners on edge

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo (KMOV.com) -- Jefferson County Sheriff’s detectives used a four-legged officer to sniff out burglars responsible for a string of crimes in Cedar Hill.

But businesses are still on edge until they know all those responsible for the crime trend are caught.

Mary Jane Kube of Sorelli’s restaurant says it makes her nervous about members of her community.

“It’s just the feeling too, kinda feel uneasy now about who you can trust and can’t trust around here,” she said.

Sorelli’s is one of six businesses hit in a three-day crime spree. Surveillance video captured a masked burglar looking for something to steal around 6 am Wednesday.

The suspect eventually stole $100 from cash boxes and damaged a wall when he tore off a change machine.

The burglar first hit early Sunday morning at an ice cream shop, stealing a cash box. The suspect then broke into a pharmacy, trying but failing to steal drugs.

Early Tuesday, another failed burglary attempt was made at a nearby bank ATM, then a trio of break-ins at the restaurant, the neighboring hair salon and insurance company.

Police say the proximity of the businesses hit to one another was a big clue.

Investigators say when the burglar was making his getaway, he left something behind. They won’t say what, but they brought in their bloodhound, which picked up a scent and followed it to nearby apartments. Police arrested two suspects inside.

The money stolen isn’t what’s bothering business owners. The lost sense of security for the business is the biggest loss.

“All mom and pop businesses,” said Kube. “You know, people who work hard every day.”

The Sheriff’s Department did arrest two suspects. Both are in the Jefferson County Jail but haven’t been charged.

Investigators say they are preparing charges and making sure there aren’t more suspects still at large.


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