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Police ramping up efforts to help keep pizza delivery drivers safe

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – St. Louis County police say they’ve had enough after a local Imo’s delivery driver was robbed and killed for the second time since May. Police Chief Tim Fitch said on Thursday the department is sick of watching innocent people trying to make an honest living being killed for no reason.

Police said the latest incident happened when 39-year-old Brian Johnson was delivering a pizza in Dellwood on Monday. According to police, 17-year-old Aaron Rivers shot Johnson and stole his cell phone and three pizzas.

It’s the second time since May a north Saint Louis county man has been killed on the job delivering pizzas.

Fitch said the police department will now have undercover narcotics officers ordering pizzas. But the department is working with all the Imo’s Pizza locations to educate employees on how to stay safe.

Officers on Monday will go to at least two of the North County Imo’s and talk with employees.

While right now it’s only Imo’s, Fitch said he wants to do it with all of the pizza places.

Rivers is one of four people police say were involved in the plot Monday night. Police say two of the other men involved are adults while the fourth is 15 years old.

So far, they’ve just questioned them, but more charges are expected to be filed later.


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