Substitute teacher arrested after reportedly threatening student -

Substitute teacher arrested after reportedly threatening student with 5-inch knife

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

NORMANDY, Mo ( -- Parents want answers after a substitute teacher reportedly became so angry at a student that he pulled a knife in a classroom full of middle school children.

Stanley Covington, 64, is in jail, accused of holding a knife to the student’s chest.

Covington was subbing an eighth grade math class at Normandy Middle School on Wednesday when police say a confrontation with a student got out of hand.  Normandy police confiscated a five-inch knife from Covington and say the teacher admitted to having it but not to threatening the student.  Either way, the weapon is not allowed on campus.

The Normandy School District sent over a statement after News 4 made three phone calls and sent an email seeking information. The response looks like a form letter—so generic it barely addresses the threat and certainly doesn’t say how the school reacted, other than to report it to police.

We spent the day trying to find out what an eighth grade boy might have done to provoke Covington into allegedly pulling a knife on him, but the district won’t answer any questions.  The school hasn’t told parents either.

“I haven’t gotten a letter yet, I haven’t gotten a call, and my son was in the classroom,” one parent named Lisa told News 4.

“It’s really scary that a substitute teacher would get a knife into the school,” Lisa said.  “They do have metal detectors and the students get checked down, and I get checked down.  Why aren’t the teachers or substitute teachers getting checked down?”

It’s a valid question, but the district isn’t answering.

Here is the statement in full from the district:

“On November 7, 2012, the Normandy School District received a report that a substitute teacher was in possession of a knife while on district property. No one was injured as a result of this alleged incident. We hold the safety of our students in highest regard, and have reported the incident to appropriate authorities. The matter in question is being handled by the St. Louis County Police Department and the Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. The school district is cooperating fully in this investigation. The District must treat all matters involving personnel as confidential. Therefore, the District has no further comment at this time. Please be assured that protecting the welfare of all students and providing a safe and secure learning environment is our school district’s first priority.”



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