Towing Trouble: St. Louis tow company booting cars 80 miles away -

Towing Trouble: St. Louis tow company booting cars 80 miles away

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- For the majority of people, having your car towed is not the most pleasant experience, but imagine if you had to drive 80 miles to get it back.

Jeanie Bradley was visiting her daughter at Orchard View Apartments in Farmington when her car was booted by Bulldog Towing.

“When I parked my car and went in to ask my daughter for a permit, I got back out less than five minutes later Bulldog Towing had a wheel boot on my car” said Bradley.

Bulldog Towing's facility is located just north of downtown St. Louis on North 17th Street. That's nearly 80 miles away from Farmington.

News 4's Chris Nagus contacted Bulldog Towing to try and get some answers. Nagus has investigated Bulldog Towing in the past for a similar issue.

In November of 2011, Nagus confronted Bulldog Towing on behalf of Chris Chrun. Chrun's car was towed more than 30 miles from a St. Peters gas station to Bulldog’s holding pen in St. Louis. After Chrun paid Bulldog a couple hundred dollars in cash to get his truck back, someone at the tow yard reported his car stolen from the lot.

Now, a year later, Jeanie Bradley feels like her money was stolen too. 

Bradley said she was at the complex because her grandson had a doctor’s appointment and she was visiting.

“He (the worker) did not want to hear my sob story. He said $100 cash within the hour or Bulldog Towing would be here to tow my car,” Bradley said. All this at an apartment complex 80 miles from Bulldog’s home base.

Upset, she called the City of Farmington. It turns out Bulldog was not even licensed to do business in town. Bradley said others had their cars booted and even towed away while she was there. Bradley says she won’t stop until she gets her money back.

She told us, “They are stealing money from people. There is no reason why they should even have a tow company in this apartment complex, but all the way from north St. Louis? I just don’t get it."

News 4's Chris Nagus went to ask the apartment manager why they couldn’t hire a local company to do the job, but she did not want to talk and closed the door on him.

Bulldog Towing has faced a few lawsuits over the years and at least three tax liens from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Betty Crader runs Bulldog Towing. Numerous calls to Crader to get her side of the story were not returned.

Bradley plans to file a civil suit after talking with the St. Francis County attorney.

If you have had a situation likes this happened to you, send an email to

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