Authorities warn local residents about 'Pigeon Drop' scams -

Authorities warn local residents about 'Pigeon Drop' scams

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

( – Local authorities are warning residents about scam artists attempting to take advantage of people’s generosity.

Police call this tactic a “Pigeon Drop” scam. That is where scammers persuade victims to give up a sum of money with the guarantee of a larger sum of money or prize.

Throughout the year, the Florissant Police Department investigated a number of incidents where con artists approach unsuspecting people. Unfortunately, the only pay off is for the con artists.

Authorities said most of the crimes occur in the mid-morning and afternoon hours. They said most of the stories that the con artists can be persuasive and the stories they tell are very well rehearsed.

Officials said if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Police ask anyone approached by one of these criminals to call your local police department as soon as it happens.

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