Jose Canseco reacts to Dodgers hiring McGwire -

Jose Canseco reacts to Dodgers hiring McGwire

(BaseballStL) -- Jose Canseco sent a congratulatory tweet Wednesday night after Mark McGwire was officially named the hitting coach of the Dodgers.

A tweet from Canseco (@JoseCanseco) read “Congrats buddy on your new gig with dodgers. Dodgers hitters will learn from the best”.

It may not be comforting for McGwire to hear that from his former teammate considering Canseco’s remarks about him as the steroid era came into light.  McGwire has since admitted to using steroids.

“Big Mac had one of the best hitting techniques I ever saw in a player. He was so talented. He didn't need roids” another tweet minutes later read from Canseco.

Canseco also added “Raffy palmeiro had one of the nicest swings ever. He should be in hof. So does Mac roger Sosa. What a talented group”.

For what it is worth, it seems Canseco is sincere and honest in his tweets.

The Cardinals led the NL in batting average (.269) and on-base percentage (.337) in the three seasons that McGwire was the team’s hitting coach.

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