Computer virus using FBI logo to get users to pay up -

Computer virus using FBI logo to get users to pay up

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A computer scam is going around the Internet that uses the FBI logo to reel people in.

The logo tells the computer user that their computer has been linked to child pornography. 

The computer locks up and the user is told that a fine must be paid within 72 hours to free up the computer.  The full-screen message on the computer screen tells the user that they must put in a code from Moneypak and pay a fine of $200.

W reporter in the News 4 newsroom was trying to access the website for the National Retail Federation Wednesday morning when the computer scam message froze his computer.  He was able to reboot after powering down, but the FBI says it’s not always that easy.

Sometimes a victim’s computer must be cleared of the virus by a professional.  There is also the danger that the program may be recording a person’s keystrokes without their knowledge.

A spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau says one indicator that the message is phony is that it reportedly comes from the FBI. 

He says if the FBI believed someone’s computer was involved in child pornography they would not send the user a computer message, but would come knocking on their door.

Here are a couple of websites the FBI recommends using to make sure users do not become a victim of virus:



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