Man charged in Imo's delivery driver murder in Dellwood neighbor -

Man charged in Imo's delivery driver murder in Dellwood neighborhood

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

DELLWOOD, Mo. (KMOV) — Charges have been issued against a 17-year-old, who police say ambushed an Imo’s delivery driver.

It’s the second time since May that a North St. Louis County pizza man has been killed on the job while just trying to make an honest living.

Earon Rivers is accused of luring Brian Johnson, 39, to a dead-end street in Dellwood to rob him.  Police say Rivers then shot and killed Johnson.

While Rivers is locked up in the Buzz Westfall Justice Center in St. Louis County with no bond,   three of his accused accomplices are back on the street.  Police think they’ve got the triggerman but also believe three other people knew Rivers had a plan and a gun, but the prosecutor wants more proof.

Brian Johnson was set up—called to deliver a pizza, then shot and killed for his cell phone and three pies.

“We shouldn’t have to be in fear for our life,” Joe Campbell, Johnson’s coworker, said.  “We’re providing a service for these people.”

Police say Rivers called in the order that would be Johnson’s last delivery.  Police found Rivers in the same house as the empty pizza boxes and the murder weapon.  They say two other men and a 15-year-old boy were with him, but all three are back on the street.

“They were all present in one form or another, but there’s a lot of investigation that still needs to be done,” St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said.

On Monday night, police discovered Johnson slumped over in his car on the dead-end corner of Mowbry and Saffron in Dellwood.  That’s just a half mile walk from the suspect’s house.

Johnson was shot in his armpit, leaving coworkers to believe that he was trying to comply with the robbers’ demands by putting his hands up.

“I have to be scared pulling up to somebody’s house because somebody’s going to come up, and if I defend myself, they’re going to shoot me?” Campbell said.  “Hell yes it scares me. It scares me tremendously.”

Campbell and several other delivery drivers have started carrying weapons.  Johnson wasn’t armed.

“I’ve been robbed.  I’ve had a gun to my head and the trigger pulled,” Campbell said.  “It was the scariest time of my life.”

All, while he too, was just doing his job.


No bond has been set for Rivers.


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