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Local contractor accused of not completing Berkeley construction job after Good Friday storms

(KMOV) – A victim of the Good Friday storms says she was taken advantage of by a crooked contractor who promised to her them rebuild.

According to the Better Business Bureau, when homeowners plan to hire a contractor, they should follow the rule of thirds: pay one-third upon signing the contract, one-third when the job is about half finished and the final third when the job is complete to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

The BBB says this rule could have protected Helen Davis, a woman who considers herself a victim of poor work done by a contractor who she says never finished the job.

According to Davis, the contract shows the contractor never finished the gutters, exterior or interior walls, paining inside of the home or demolishing the garage to her Berkeley home.

Davis has not been able to move back into her home and is currently living with a friend.

She used $10,000 in federal money from FEMA to pay for the repairs. Davis has no insurance and is out of money.

The contractor who Davis hired is not facing any charges. However, the BBB gives contractor Bruce Pettis and the Pettis Construction company a rating of “F”, the lowest grade possible.

Chris Thetford, VP of communications for the BBB says that homeowners should do their due diligence before hiring a contractor. This would include finding out quality, verifying licenses the company has, and check the work of other construction jobs the contractor has done in the past.

Pettis says that none of the complaints against him are true and that consumers were trying to get him to do more than he agreed to do.

Consumers say the city of Berkeley is asking the contractor to show up in court on September 6 to answer questions about not having the proper permits or inspections for his work.

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