Troy police officer faces suspension for 'inappropriate' website -

Troy police officer faces suspension for 'inappropriate' website

TROY, Mo., (KMOV) – A Troy, Mo., police officer was suspended Tuesday after a hobby photography website featuring partially nude photos of women came under scrutiny by the Troy police chief.

After the suspended officer went to a Troy hotel asking to set up modeling shoots in their swimming pool, management complained to police. Tuesday, Police Chief Jeff Taylor suspended the officer and ordered the website shut down saying it was “inappropriate” behavior for a police officer.
“We don't know if he took any nude photos or not, but the website offered lingerie, swimsuit, and implied nude. And none of it was illegal, but it goes against our ethics code and our mission code here...and in our profession,” said Taylor.
The officer is an 11-year-old veteran of the Troy Police Department, and the officer took down his site as ordered. The officer’s name has been left out since he has not been charged with any crime.

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