Ketchup becomes issue in Illinois hot dog trial -

Ketchup becomes issue in Illinois hot dog trial

CHICAGO (AP) -- Whether hot dogs should be served with ketchup has become an issue at a federal trial in Chicago involving the nation's largest hot dog makers.

The civil trial that pits Sara Lee and Kraft began Monday.

Part of Sara Lee's complaint is that Kraft based claims about having the nation's tastiest hot dogs on allegedly flawed taste tests.

Sara Lee attorney Richard Leighton said one shortcoming was that participants couldn't put condiments on their hot dogs.

Magistrate Judge Morton Denlow interrupted when Leighton suggested ketchup should have been among the condiments.

Denlow alluded to a rule among connoisseurs in the city to never to put ketchup on a Chicago-style hot dog.

When Leighton mentioned ketchup as a potential topping, Denlow said, "That's an area of great dispute."

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