North St. Louis County road construction project damages building -

North St. Louis County road construction project damages building

(KMOV) – A construction project on West Florissant and Jennings Station Road has damaged a businessman’s property in North County.

Carl Knocks’ business is in a 1920-era building and he admits that it isn’t in perfect shape.  But he also says his building did not have bricks falling off, steps pulling away from the wall, and a giant crack on the floor until L. Krupp Construction started the road project nearly a year ago.

L. Krupp’s insurance company told Knocks four months ago that the company would send a structural engineer to assess the damage.  According to Knocks, the company has ignored him since then.

News 4 contacted the insurance company and it will send an adjuster and the structural engineer to look at Knocks’ building on Thursday.

L. Krupp Construction told News 4 it wanted to wait until the construction was completely over to conduct the inspection.  The company also had no explanation as to why no one responded back to Knocks.

In addition, homeowners who sold portions of their front yards to widen the roads say their properties have not been restored as promised. 

News 4 will continue to monitor the construction project.

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