Legal beef: Sara Lee, Kraft escalate wiener war -

Legal beef: Sara Lee, Kraft escalate wiener war

CHICAGO (AP) -- The nation's two largest hot dog makers are taking their legal beefs to federal court in Chicago, where a judge will determine whether either broke false-advertising laws when boasting about their top-dog status.

Thousands of pages of pretrial filings by Sara Lee Corp. and Kraft Foods before Monday's trial starts demonstrate that the stakes are high.

The question at the heart of the long-raging wiener war between the two Chicago-area-based companies: Was Kraft justified in asserting in advertisements that its Oscar Mayer brand frankfurters were better than Sara Lee's Ball Park franks based on a national taste test?

Sara Lee filed the initial lawsuit in 2009, claiming its competitor stacked the deck against Ball Park. Kraft countersued to say See Lee's own ads were deceptive and false.

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