Construction project adds element of danger for some students -

Construction project adds element of danger for some students

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The first day of school is tough enough, but imagine dealing with a potential traffic nightmare on top of it.

Jamieson Avenue at Interstate 44 in south St. Louis is closed so crews can build a new bridge.  Drivers began using neighborhood streets as a detour and, as a result, back-ups are a daily occurrence.  On Monday, nearly 500 kids will be added to the mix when they make their way to Gateway Science Academy school near the construction zone.

The academy is a charter school and that means no buses take kids to the school.  Students and their families will either be walking to school or driving in and out of the school parking lot.  Ivanhoe is not the recommended detour around the Jamieson closure, but drivers still use it.

Earlier this summer, the city changed up the detour signs and even eliminated parking on one side street because there were so many back-ups.  Monday morning, the school serves breakfast at 7:30 and not long after that, all the kids have to be in class.

Monday is critical, city officials said.  They will be watching how things work.  If necessary, they said they will make some changes to help people to get through the neighborhood as quickly and as safely as possible.

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