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Task force catches suspected carjackers, accused of Tasering victims

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Good news: a frightening gang of suspected carjackers, accused of Tasering their victims, is off the streets.

Two of the violent carjacking crimes happened Wednesday morning, and now, police tell me that they are looking to tie the four suspects to dozens more attacks.

These arrests could really clear some serious crimes from the books, and the cases could go federal. Both St. Clair County and St. Louis think the four teenagers have been on quite a spree for months. But for now, the inmate population at the St. Clair County jail just went up by four.

"Some very dangerous people are locked up right now," Illinois State Police Capt. Jim Morrisey says.

An East St. Louis violent crimes task force made up of federal, state and local agents, took down four suspected carjackers, recovered four stolen vehicles and video evidence. Trevor Wade, carjacking victim, says the thieves taped the attack on their cell phone.

"I hope they go down for some hard time," Wade says. "There was a gun in my face, I did get Tasered, and I swear to God I thought they were going to run me over in my own truck because I was running away."

People on the street told the task force about the suspected carjackers, then, Wade says, police played the thieves against each other to catch them in a sting operation.

"That's the best part about it -- I'm ecstatic that they're off the street and they can't do this to anybody else," Wade says. "I called you, and I think really getting the news coverage is what sped this process along."

Good news for neighborhoods on both sides of the river. Police think this gang is responsible for several carjackings and more. Detectives are certain that Trevor's truck would have been used to commit other crimes.

"Either another carjacking, armed robberies, and you know, there's potential for drive-by shootings," Capt. Morrisey says.

Two of the teens suspected in the carjackings have previous criminal records. Their probation has been revoked, and they will stay in the St. Clair County jail, pending new charges.

The two other teens will likely be released while police await warrants on the new charges, at which time the teens will have to be rearrested.

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