Rockwood school administrator dances in drag during orientation -

Rockwood school administrator dances in drag during orientation

( -- A Rockwood School District administrator is under fire after witnesses say he dressed in drag for an orientation.

Staff at the Rockwood early childhood program may have gotten more than they bargained for at the orientation on Thursday.  Witnesses told News 4's Marc Cox that Thursday was a fairly normal day until the administrator, who is the director of the early childhood education program, danced through the crowd dressed in drag. 

As a DJ played the Tina Turner song "Proud Mary", school officials said the administrator danced down the aisles wearing a silver dress, stockings and high heels.  One witness described the incident as a strip tease which included sitting on the lap of the school secretary.

Moments after being lectured on the district's sexual harassment policy, sources tell News 4 they were shocked by the administrator's behavior.

Sources also say the subject has done this on other occasions, calling his character "Starletta".

A district spokesman said it was only a skit, designed to lighten the mood, but several in attendance said they were uncomfortable and the skit was highly inappropriate. 

The district is now investigating the incident.

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