Funeral for man entombed for 27 years in chimney -

Funeral for man entombed for 27 years in chimney

ABBEVILLE, La. (AP) -- A man who apparently died and remained in the narrow, brick chimney of a Louisiana bank for 27 years will be laid to rest at a weekend funeral.
Decades after Robert Schexnider last saw his brother Joseph, he will gather with other relatives for Sunday's funeral. Joseph Schexnider's skeletal remains were found in May in the chimney of a bank in the small town of Abbeville.
Robert Schexnider says the funeral should provide closure for the family. Yet the mystery surrounding his brother's death lingers. How did he end up in the bank's brick chimney? Was it a robbery attempt gone awry, an accident or a sinister way for someone to get rid of him?
All police can say with certainty is that Schexnider became snared in the chimney and apparently died there in 1984.

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