Secret hacking organization promises to kill Facebook -

Secret hacking organization promises to kill Facebook

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A secret computer hacking organization seems to be promising to “kill” Facebook and all of its information.

The group is the same one that hacked into systems worldwide, including Monsanto. That incident happened earlier in 2011.

The group’s threatening video already has more than two million views on YouTube. The dramatic music of the video launches into a two minute listing of offenses by Facebook against its users.

The masked computer hackers say they have an attacked planned to bring down Facebook as a favor to everyone who has information in the network.

Alan Johnston of Washington University, who has authored a novel on a massive attack on the Internet, says he believes the hackers may have the ability to bring down Facebook and break into everyone’s account.
"One thing would be to make the site inaccessible so people couldn't log in, but in other cases they could steal people's information and share it,” says Johnston. “There's no limit to what they can do if they get inside."

Johnston says the threat is really a wake-up call to Facebook users to be careful about what they put on personal pages. Even deleted information is retained by the website.

Like anything online, information can potentially be hacked and shared in a universe where hackers are always looking for ways around security.

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