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Teens at higher risk for Facebook depression

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By Toby Talbot By Toby Talbot

(KMOV) – More than half a billion people are connected by the social networking website Facebook, and a great number of those people are teens. But now a new study is suggesting many teens may be suffering from “Facebook depression.”

Teens who spend large amounts of time online are at a higher risk for the depression, and like any depression, the warning signs are easy to spot: changes in sleeping and eating habits, falling grades, less interest in activities and withdrawing from family and friends.

Therapist doctor April Nesin at Children’s Hospital believes that many kids are at risk for Facebook depression. The condition is triggered when teens get too deep into the website. “
For some kids it makes them sometimes feel more left out, because they think they see what other people are doing, they don't have the same number of friends as other people have, on their page, people can make snide comments or cyber bullying," says Nesin.

Findings about Facebook depression were released this week in the Pediatrics Journal.

Doctors say the best way to help prevent this type of depression is to keep talking with your child face-to-face and not online.

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