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Local companies slow to fill jobs

(KMOV.com) -- News 4 has been taking a closer look at the local job market and what we found was surprising.

There are hundreds of jobs available at some of the area's largest companies, but it seems to take a long time to get those positions filled.  News 4's Marc Cox has been asking why and the answers may surprise you.

Marc talked to a Adam Baer who has been unemployed for nearly 5 months.  His experience is that the hiring process has really slowed down, because companies have so many good candidates to choose from, they can wait for the perfect one.

Baer said, "there are a lot of jobs, but there are more people like me.  It's a seller's market."

Six months ago, Baer, was a vice president, carrying out layoffs at a local manufacturing company.  Then he joined their ranks.  After not being in the job market for years, he had a lot to learn.

So just how many local jobs are available today?  Well, Marc Cox checked local websites of Centene Corporation, Express Scripts and Monsanto, just to mention a few.  Among them there are hundreds of job postings.  As Baer has found out though, landing one of those jobs can be a tall order.

"Companies are not only looking for skill sets, but corporate fit.  They're really being slow and cautious about making those hiring decisions," said Debbie Hilke.  Hilke's job is to help layoff victims prepare for this new job market.

A total of 104 local jobs were listed on the Centene website.  They reportedly have hundreds more available nationwide.  Express Scripts had dozens listed locally.  Boeing had several dozen.

Check local job listings with these companies here:

Express Scripts

Here are some resources to help you prepare for that next interview.  Some provide free advice.




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