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Police say store owner admitted to selling weed from behind counter

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV.com) -- St. Louis city police want to revoke a corner store's business license after the owner admitted to selling more than just chips and soda from behind the counter.

Police believe the owner, Kenneth Harper, of Kenney's Food Shop in north St. Louis has been selling illegal drugs from his shop.  Harper has also been accused of owning illegal weapons.  Officers said Kenny admitted that he sold weed from his store which is just across the street from a high school.

Alderman Antonio French said, "I guess it's a one-stop shop!  You get your soda, your chips and your drugs from behind the counter."

French wants Kenney's out of his neighborhood because he claims the store has been a source of violence for years.

On Thursday, French and city police asked the city to revoke the shop's business license after undercover officers reported completing drug buys inside.  According to records, police also pulled illegal guns from under the counter.  Almost a year ago, a student was shot in the leg outside the store.  That, French said, was the catalyst for cracking down on the corner shop. 

"We want businesses that help build our community, not tear it up," French added.

French admits it can be difficult to hold stores accountable for what happens outside.  Once investigators clearly made the connection to the drug sales being done at the counter and what was happening outside the store, police said it was "time for these guys to be put out of business."

The case has been turned over to the city license board for review.

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