Three St. Louis homes burglarized after security systems fail -

Three St. Louis homes burglarized after security systems fail

St. Louis (KMOV) – Three homes on the same street in the south part of the city have been burglarized in the past week and victims now believe that their security systems were faulty. 

The home burglaries occurred on the 3200 block of Dakota in the south part of St. Louis. 
The burglaries all occurred in the middle of the day and each home had a security system. 
News 4’s Laurie Waters spoke with one of the victims whose son was sleeping in the house when the thieves entered her home. 
Harry Hantak said that the thieves threw a brick through the outdoor screen and kicked in the remaining windows. After entering, they shut the family dog in the bathroom and began searching for valuables. 
Hantak’s son was sleeping upstairs and woke up after hearing the thieves. After he woke up he said that he saw a male and female in their late-teens race across the yard.
This break-in occurred just five days after two other homes on the same block were burglarized.
Each home had an alarm system but none of them worked. One home’s phone line connected to the system was cut, but the other two were faulty.
After the burglary, Hantak had a technician come to his home to upgrade his system. He told Hantak that he noticed several things the original installer had done wrong. 
The original company who installed the system has since been bought out. They had wired several homes on the street.

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