German manufacturing plant could bring hundreds of jobs to St. L -

German manufacturing plant could bring hundreds of jobs to St. Louis

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

(KMOV)-- A German company that does big business in Europe, Asia, and South America recently decided to expand to the United States, and it chose the St. Louis area.

Right now, American workers are training at a plant off I-70 because St. Louis County leaders convinced a German CEO to build here.
He chose the area for the city’s central location, which can service customers from Canada to Texas, as well as east to west. He also believes St. Louisans have a work ethic like Germans.
Schattdecor, will sit in a 105,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Maryland Heights. It has a setup that can house 200 employees.
The plant will print paper that goes into laminate products. The company supplies superstores. Schattdecor is big in Europe, and now wants to gain an American business following.

Employees say there is a need for this type of supplier locally, and it will provide the benefit of cost savings versus shipping the products to Europe or China. They are excited to turn “made in the U.S.A.” into “made in St. Louis County.”
This the first plant not only in America, but North America.
The general manager says it takes 12 people to operate that printing machine, and 38 staff to go along with them, so one printing machine represents 50 employees. He also said that he has plans to add three more of these massive machines. That means potential for at least 150 more jobs.
The plant is expected to house four machines within five years.
The manger added that a typical rule of thumb is that every manufacturing job creates two to three spinoff jobs.
Two hundred jobs here could mean four-hundred to six hundred surrounding jobs in the future.

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