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Police: Missing baby found alive in Fort Wayne, IN

(KMOV) -- Authorities say that the five-month-old missing baby was found alive in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Danielle Medina and Cortez Rose was found in a house with 13 people inside.

Don Slazinik, the US Marshal for Southern Illinois, says local deputy Marshals checked 20 addresses looking for the missing baby. According to Slazinik, alocal US Marshal developed a source in the metro-east who lead Marshals to the house.

Police say 17-year-old Medina took Cortez from his home Saturday without the consent of his parents. Police charged Medina with aggravated kidnapping prior to her arrest.

According to investigators, Medina has outstanding warrants for child endangerment in New York, which is where she is from.

Police told News 4 that someone has anonomously donated $1,000 as a reward for the safe return of the baby.

The baby will be in DCS custody.

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