Pinkel, Daniel work to put 'Spitgate' behind them -

Pinkel, Daniel work to put 'Spitgate' behind them

"Spitgate" may not have lasted long enough for it to even merit the played out "gate" suffix currently bestowed upon it in this space.

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel alleged after Missouri's 52-17 win this weekend that Nebraska was the dirtiest team he had ever faced and that a Cornhusker player had spit on him Saturday night in Lincoln.

Chase Daniel talks about the Nebraska loogie >

On Monday, true to their usual form, Daniel and head coach Gary Pinkel wanted only to look ahead to Oklahoma State this Saturday while putting the Nebraska incident in the past.

Asked about Nebraska coach Bo Pelini's earlier assertion that he was going to call Pinkel this week, the Missouri coach kept it short and sweet:

"This is the only comment I have on that: We communicated with Nebraska yesterday ... " Pinkel began, pausing for emphasis as if to set up some greater conclusion, "and I'm not gonna mention anything else about it."

His quarterback rolled out the company line as well.

"I'm not gonna get into all that," Daniel said. "It's done with. It's a dead issue like Coach Pinkel said. What we focus on is Oklahoma State. If we focus on the past, then we won't be doing our job."

The Heisman candidate did say it was the first time anything along the lines he described Saturday had happened to him. He wrapped up his commentary on the matter with more "dead issue" rhetoric when asked about regretting his remarks after the game.

"It's a dead issue," Daniel said. "I don't have any regrets on anything. It's over with, and we'll move on from there."

With that, it was back to your regularly scheduled Monday afternoon programming in Columbia, Mo.: building up the coming opponent.

Saturday's visitors to Faurot Field, the Oklahoma State Cowboys, are ranked 17th in the nation and may come the closest of any of Missouri's first six opponents to living up to the billing they received from the Tigers' quarterback and coach.

More on them to come later in the week.

Note: Steven Weinman is a journalism student at the University of Missouri at Columbia.

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